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Dance & Partnered Sensuality: Welcome


Partner dance is really the most AMAZING life skill to develop with someone you love. Not only is it great exercise, stress-relieving, fun, and always paired with great music, it helps to develop body awareness, mental sharpness and communication skills that are out-of-this-world effective. Everyone grazes these benefits when they learn even beginning dance skills. 

However, people that are increasingly self aware, turned on by their evolution, and connecting the "dots of life" know that the way they do one thing is the way they do everything. This blended training modality in both dance and sensuality/energy work was developed for students ready to take their connection and partnering skills to the next level.

By spending time to consciously consider your OWN embodiment, sensuality and energy you bring to the partnership, you have a WAY more satisfying experience and way more success. Half conscious embodiment training - half dance training time, this learning modality creates a space to celebrate sensual partnering and explore fun ways to grow and expand with each other on AND off the dance floor. Does it get more delicious?!

These 75 min private sessions are offered by Zoom in the comfort of your home. The sessions are $111 each, if scheduled weekly, and times are flexible as far as daytime/evening/weekend. We'll find the perfect fit!

Shall we dance? Yes, and so much more.

Dance & Partnered Sensuality: About
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