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Here are the 3 KEYS to mind-blowing, heart-opening, orgasmically-satisfying Intimacy.


And in order to understand, heal, develop and master this practice we need to keep 3 key factors in mind. 

1. This is an ongoing PRACTICE

and will take time to grow no matter where you are starting. If you are building a house on an untamed plot of land or an old demolished site, you are going to have more upfront costs than someone renovating a property on a solid foundation in a desired location. No matter where you start, each step along the way is exactly the training needed for your next step. There is no "more desireable" place to be along the journey of intimacy. You are where you are and where you are is the apex of the now. 

2. The practice of intimacy happens in the BODY. 

The body is our vessel for various transmissions of energy and of love. The root health of our livers, adrenals, brain, emotional and soul health are critical in our capacity to be masterful lovers. Although embodied intimacy practices target healing and artistic development of the emotional body and depth of consciousness, if health of the physical vessel is not first and foremost tended to and up-kept fiercely, the yogic practices will at the end of the day suffer.

Healing and mastering the palace of health with Medical Medium information is the most advanced toolkit available on the planet today for healing human physical bodies, emotions and souls. All of my students and clients are started on these healing protocols before diving deeply into intimacy practices so that their bodies are tended to like athletes for the proper training ahead. It is rogue and irresponsible to dive into adrenaline heavy practices of emotional artistry and yogic intimacy without first tending to the medical needs of the body we are using for these experiences. So yes, get yourself to the produce isle and start feeding your body food of the gods. Sexy time always starts there.

3. Intimacy is about PRESENCE. 

Although presence is natural when the physical body, mind and soul are healthy, further training is needed to deepen the capacity to transmit consciousness in masterful ways. Building both meditative and breath work skills combined with the ability to emotionally express in open-hearted creative ways are the pure luxuries of intimacy training. They become ever more natural as we move into a state of flow with our divine self, finding ourselves obvious channels of love and truth in each moment.

Being in flow as embodiment of divine love is a natural state of the human being in health, trust and connection to love. The healing and training process is simply an awakening and unwinding of all the abuse and cruelty embedded in our conscious and subconscious minds and body. We find that cultivating the practice of intimacy is therefore a returning home to the our natural state. 

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