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Updated: Jul 18, 2023

There are pathways

hidden within my body

like a vast network running within my veins

or a mansion with a thousand unlit chandeliers

silently hanging in dark hallways.

My soul circuitry lays dormant and silent.


At twilight, there’s a moment when the darkening fields hold their breath.

And then there is the next moment.

And then there’s You.

The switch gets flipped.

The damn breaks.

Electricity pours through the system

illuminating every dark corner of doubt.

Fireflies overtake the night sky.

Magic pushes through the cracks

opening into rivers.

The impossible streams through insanity

purified by curiosity

spilling over into absolute knowingness.

Taking a handful of a blazing mane

I swing onto the back of the black horse

and ride this current at full tilt

leaving behind the lines that ever managed to separate

me, the river, the horse and the Muse.

Emily Wehrman 2018

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