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One day you'll just choose.

You'll choose love and that this is who you now are. You'll know against all odds. And despite everything screaming at you from each cardinal direction, you'll know you are now something different. All the scraping and begging for the outside world to change will become irrelevant and you'll just step forward without them. You'll know that it was never their job to change first. It was yours. Maybe it took struggle.... pain, suffering or even full out war. Or maybe it took a glance from a pair of eyes so deep you seemingly fell in. Maybe it took one of those long hugs from a lover that reminded you paradise was yours any moment you asked. Maybe it took a mother's love. However life leads you to the threshold, you'll know it when you're there. Like black against white, like heaven against hell, you'll see the contrast and you'll finally have the clarity and the strength to choose.

All it is, is a choice. The battle brings you to the threshold. But only love can take you across.

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