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Warrior Work: The Embodiment of Change

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

When we evolve, grow, heal and embody higher frequencies there is a predictable process that unfolds for us to fully realize the change.... and it's warrior work . The OLD way of being begs the outside world to change. If ONLY that person would be different... If ONLY I HAD something different THEN I would feel better.

Nope nope nope. It just don't werk that way. WE always have to go first. We must embody the change without expecting anyone or anything outside of us to change first. We embody that change FIRST by the habit of our focus and changing our thoughts and beliefs.

It's always VIBRATION first THEN physicality.

Once the frequency we emit has shifted and gained enough momentum, the last part of the equation can play out which is the physicality.... the embodiment showdown. Our NEW self experiences FULLY the old way of being and now has the ability to understand it for what it is/was and make a new choice.

THIS is the EMBODIMENT piece and can be quite intense as the nervous system registers the FULLNESS of the past experience. The past circumstance may have felt like total TRAUMA to the mind-body and now has to be re-lived in order to be truly healed and integrated.

The GOOD NEWS is, from a higher vibrational state of being, with NEW beliefs and a NEW habitual vibrational set point, re-living the old "trauma" may be intense but it becomes COMPLETELY manageable. This is what I call Warrior Work and it takes practice and clarity to move through with ease. The right tools and practices help too. Want to learn more? Let's go! Allow me to be your guide through the Embodiment Jungle. Let's connect!

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