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September 11th, 25th IN PERSON

This community gathering is an informative deep conversation on Reiki, multidimensionality, awakening consciousness and the path to becoming fully human. What does it really mean to HEAL? How do spiritual healing modalities genuinely connect to brain, organ, diet and lifestyle choices? We will discuss the hero’s journey of Real Healing of the body, the consciousness and the soul in this epic time on Earth where humanity is being asked to rise and join together in creating a new world. This evolution starts with each of us individually and ripples out exponentially.

These monthly group circles are the great place to start if you're looking to develop your gifts as a healer, look into Reiki training, or find answers to healing and health information with a holistic approach. We are in a time on the planet where more people than ever are sick and getting sicker. People are starving for spiritual maturity and answers as previous structures and health organizations are no longer providing a deep enough picture of holistic health nor a roadmap on the hero's journey of healing within a toxic world. 

These are separate events. Bring a friend and register for both below at least 24hrs in advance. No walk ins for these groups.

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I highly recommend Emily's Reiki classes/trainings! After attending an introductory event I was sold! She's knowledgeable, deeply caring and an amazing teacher to learn from. I've done both Reiki I and II training with her and plan to take my Reiki Master course from her as well. She's a phenomenal human!!

Emily has a way of bringing out your craziest thoughts without displaying any judgment on her part but just a wonder of where Reiki is taking you. Her warm smile and demeanor helps to guide you fearlessly on your journey. I highly recommend Emily's Reiki classes.

Lindsey Z.

Sharon K.

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