Emily is a unique Multidimensional Teacher of Awakening, Healing and Starseed Activation. Without a doubt, she brings a revolutionary style of healing education to the world that is infused with her great depth, enthusiasm and wisdom. She is the guide you want by your side as you go through your healing journey holistically. With Emily in your corner, you can soar far into the galactic realm of your spiritual growth while safely and lovingly grounding into your body, with the most advanced medical healing protocols on Earth to date.

She is a Professional Ballroom/Latin Dancer, Reiki Master Teacher, Starseed, Medical Medium Nutrition Coach, Embodiment and Sexuality Mentor, Mystical Poet and Magical Goddess that loves to laugh. She brings her passion for empowerment to all the offerings, classes and trainings she shares with the world. Her mission is to inspire and lead humanity to their superhuman embodiment.

After a sexual trauma, illness and intense spiritual awakening that wiped out her 10 year professional ballroom dance career and life as she knew it, she dove into the studies of Reiki, Shamanism, Starseed Embodiment, Medical Medium Nutrition, Somatic Healing, and Sexuality. She managed a yoga studio for several years before stepping fully into her own business creations and ever since has been immersed in renovating her own “dance of life” from the inside-out.

Her inner work and outer service to humanity's awakening, healing and ascension is her life's complete devotion. She has been living and teaching Medical Medium healing protocols for the past 5 years and since being 100% dedicated to the full protocol includes the information in all of her offerings as a grounding modality to the multidimensional spiritual and emotional work.

Emily is truly an example of someone who lives, who dances and who shines from the INSIDE-out. Come as you are, ready to grow, and expect to be welcomed to her amazing community. with open hands, open hearts and warm smiles.