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welcome to hogwarts.

Knowledge is power. When we understand the fullness of who and what we are, we can more deliberately connect with a healing power that has always been available to us. Empowered and tapped into our innate gifts, we allow and embody our fullest life and inspire that within others around us.

Reiki is the perfect journey to realize the answers within in order to take back your power, not just for health and healing, but in all areas of life. Reiki is about true holistic wellbeing, which means all parts of Self heal together and thrive, not just one separate from others. 

The practice leads you back to You in all your fullness. Once that happens, you are never the same, you never go back, and you remember in the depths of your being why you came and what you’re here for. Welcome you magical wizarding creature… or rather, welcome back.

Individual Healing Sessions and Training Programs are available. An online Discovery Call is required before scheduling either. 

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Emily is a gifted instructor and practitioner. I highly recommend her dance classes, Reiki courses, and Reiki sessions. I've grown immensely under the guidance of this inspiring and intuitive master teacher.

Emily is a natural teacher. Whether teaching dancing, embodiment or Reiki she brings her unique style...aware, embodied and engaging. Whatever led you here, with Emily’s guidance, you will stay because you found a piece of yourself maybe long
forgotten. I did. #value

Alara L.

Pam S.

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