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The SexAngels Course is a powerful and sensual journey into your absolute aliveness. If you are searching for authenticity in your sexuality, confidence in your body, clarity in intimate relationships, and more energy and fun infused into your everyday moments, this is the training for you. 

Join a small group of dedicated women and come explore the different stages of spiritual maturity in intimate relationships, masculine and feminine polarity, your own sensuality, embodied movement for healing, dance and authentic expression.

The SexAngels classes are always about taking 100% responsibility for cultivating your sexual vitality, your authenticity, your sensual pleasure capacity, your part in relationships with others and your relationship to the fullest most evolved version of YOU. 

Often, we do not receive a healthy and sacred initiation into our sexuality, embodied solo and partnered intimacy nor any kind of holistic training for our own empowerment. Our experiences can be colored by the needs or desires of other people for so long that we lose our center, our embodiment and our authentic expression. Finding ourselves within our body and nourishing ALL parts of her back to vibrancy with love and grace is the greatest love story of all time.

Deepen Your Ability to:

-connect genuinely and compassionately with your body

-use your body as an instrument of love

-consciously animate your masculine and feminine energetics

-embody different archetypes of energy

-invoke pleasure and openness in your daily life

-connect with other women in loving community

-deeply discover and reveal what lies in your heart

-engage your current partner in deep intimacy or attract a conscious intimate partner

-move through shadow work with wisdom and embodied creativity

-learn nutritional tools to heal and nourish your adrenals

-bring joy and aliveness to each day


SexAngels: Courses

I love and adore all classes with Emily.   I can honestly say that I have learned so much about myself by being in her presence. She is truly an extraordinary and gifted teacher who blends all of her talent, knowledge and personal experience into her classes to create a safe and uniquely tailored learning environment for her students.  Emily ‘s natural presence is felt the moment you greet her.  She brings her delightful enthusiasm, authenticity, radiant light and passion for teaching to every class.  Her blended background and personal practice in Professional dance, Reiki and Embodiment training, combined with her unique signature teaching style create an inviting learning space.  As her student I feel safe to explore and discuss the most intricate and vulnerable topics.

The SexAngels classes have been particularly healing, and expansive at this time in my life.  These fun and empowering classes have opened up a whole world of personal connection to my body, mind and spirit.  It has been a revolutionary path of healing to learn about sexual energy and self mastery of one’s body.   Thank you Emily for your courage and passion to offer this magical alchemy.

Amy D.

SexAngels: Testimonials
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