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The Birth of New Earth.

spiritual awakening reality journey reiki
and the only way out is through.

The nature of this universe is abundance. Within the very fabric of reality exists a creative energy force that is an eternal wellspring. As humanity wakes up and faces the deep fear and darkness that has ruled this false perception of reality, we will bring forward the technology that pulls free energy from the quantum field and the paradigm of life on Earth will ascend.

Energy will be abundant and free and with a deep exhale of relief we can rebuild our civilization on a foundation of universal Truth.

First we must face the lies that our collective has been raised on and move through the horror and fear that has been suppressed for centuries. As we process this awakening through our nervous systems, the collective heals and becomes primed to accept the reality of heaven on Earth that is our birthright.

As the universe is holographic, each person is moving through their own microcosmic storyline of this unfolding. Each person healing within their own physical body contributes exponentially to the advancement of the collective.

The ride is wild, and your level of spiritual maturity equates to your ability to move smoothly through this gateway or be dragged along in misery. I believe in you and I'm in your corner.

Let's move through this birthing and rebuild this world together.

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