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A sensual and sexual renovation for our modern world.

Yogic Intimacy is the embodied practice of deepening our capacity to love intimately. Intimate relating is not an accident, it is a yogic practice that must be learned and developed. It is physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Yogic Intimacy benefits:

  • Romantic Partnerships

  • Lovemaking

  • Pleasure Capacity

  • Nervous System Health

  • Emotional Intelligence and Stability

  • Nonverbal Communication Skills

  • EVERY Healing Practice

The way we do one thing is the way we do everything. This wisdom applies most definitely when we discuss Yogic Intimacy and developing the art of loving deeply.

In order to experience deeper intimacy with our partners, we must start with the basics within ourselves. And the basics, although fundamental, are never easy. They transform our relationship to our BODY, our SPIRITUALITY, our RELATIONSHIPS, our PURPOSE and our WORLD. 

These practices are for men, women, and partnerships, no matter the sexual orientation or gender identification. Ready to evolve your intimacy to the next level?

Deep breath then. Let's begin.

Yogic Intimacy: About
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