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Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Was it the dance or the music that came first?

I seemed to know the dance by heart

by the time I heard your song

and the notes smelled so familiar.

Like a long time lover from a distant land

or a warm embrace on a cold night-

when your melody wrapped around my waist I knew exactly what to do.

I couldn't help but do it.

How could I have known that when your lyrics waterfalled down my spine

and pooled in the cove of my lower back

my logic would pull apart at the seams?



is our gift, our fortune.

And it happens every time. Look.

Dancing pulls music under a warm blanket,

as he infuses her with the knowing of ten thousand northern stars,

leading the way,

back and forth,

in and out,

blissed and so blessed.

Can you taste the beauty rising from that?

The musicality is simply exquisite.

-Emily Wehrman 2021

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